We have recently received an interesting email from our friend in New York:

“After SJ since January 2021, my health is great! I have reduced 30 pounds and all due to Slow Jogging. It is so much easier to run at a weight of 125 pounds! I sometimes feel as though I am floating on air when jogging.

My pace continues to be between 3.5 and 4 miles per hour. I hope that sounds ok to you! I sometimes wonder if after a year and a half I “should” be a bit faster but that is where my ideal heart rate is so I am not pushing it.“

First of all, congratulations! It’s always great to hear how SJ makes you healthier and happier.

Let us explain:

Running speed depends on the STEP FREQUENCY (CADENCE) and STEP LENGTH.

If you practice Slow Jogging regularly, your endurance will increase. If you work on increasing your cadence and taking longer steps, you will also get naturally faster.

It’s a great idea to do a trial 1min jog once in a while to see your progress.

In this video you can see a group trying to find their own Niko Niko pace doing the 1min trial jog. The purpose is to jog at a comfortable pace for 1 min and measure the distance covered. Try doing it at least 5 times to get a stable, average result.

Just be careful about one thing: trying to work on the stride length often results in landing ahead of your body and heel-striking. Even when trying to get faster, keep in mind the Slow Jogging basics: the forefoot strike. It comes naturally when you land beneath your body.

Getting faster or not, it’s up to you. Slow Jogging is beneficial enough even if you don’t get faster in the process. And if you want to try getting faster, try working on your stride frequency or step length – just make sure to remember the basic Slow Jogging technique that will help you stay injury-free and healthy.

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5th Slow Jogging International Day: THANK YOU!!!


Everyone, thank you so much for participating in our yearly event in memory of Prof. Tanaka!!!

We already heard from joggers from 16 countries (on the map above) and the photos and videos keep coming. You are incredible! Please check if your country already marked on the map.

We want to make our compilation video again this year so PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SUMBIT YOUR PHOTOS/VIDEOS till Monday if you haven’t done it yet. Please include information WHERE you jogged.

Thank you and Niko Niko Forever!



We cannot wait to celebrate the 5th International Slow Jogging Day with all of you!

Please remember to send us your photos at slowjogginginternational@gmail.com!
We are are going to make a video, just like last year:

It’s also a great time join our lectures at a VERY special price! https://www.udemy.com/course/slowjogging/?couponCode=9C3E542C277C95167C57 https://www.udemy.com/course/running-a-marathon-slow-jogging-approach/?couponCode=5B346EA89C1A6B01464F

See you tomorrow!

5th International Slow Jogging Day: May 28th 2022


Dear Slow Jogging Friends,

The 5th edition of the International Slow Jogging Day in the memory of Prof. Hiroaki Tanaka will be held on May 28th 2022, Saturday. Just as in the previous years, we would love all of you to join in and send us photos or short videos telling us where you jogged at slowjogginginternational@gmail.com.
We are going to put it all together – take a look at our great last year memories in the video below:

And here is our event on Facebook:

1. Join the event and share it with you friends!

2. Take a photo/video of yourself jogging on May 28th.

3. Send it to slowjogginginternational@gmail.com and tell us where you jog.

It’s super easy. It’s one of the biggest global Slow Jogging events every year – become part of it!



Our most popular video that for many of you was the reason to start Slow Jogging:

Busy? Here are some ideas on how to implement Slow Jogging in your daily life.

Slow Jogging&Turn – unexpected way to run you don’t even need to leave your house for!

Slow Joggers around the world – best dose of inspiration ever!

Official Lectures: Slow Jogging: all you need to know to get started


Official Lectures: Running a Marathon: Slow Jogging Approach


T-shirts & Online Lectures Super Discount


Attention all Slow Jogging Friends!

Our special edition of Cherry Blossom Slow Jogging T-shirts, designed with your help, is finally available:


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Have a great NIKO NIKO week!

Slow Jogging Association for Ukraine


Today we would like to share with you something we are very happy to be part of.

One day in early March we were all talking about the war in Ukraine and the amazing support the Ukrainians are getting from Poland. Homes and institutions across the country have been actively gathering food, water and medical supplies, as well as temporary living spaces for Ukrainian families who are in desperate need of shelter.

As many of you know Japan Slow Jogging Association has strong relations with Poland. Poland is the first country outside of Japan when Slow Jogging was promoted on a big scale with Professor Tanaka himself visiting Poland multiple times. We also have our friends at Poland Slow Jogging Association.

As Japan Slow Jogging Association we felt like we wanted to do something to help. We organized fundraisers in Slow Jogging Clubs across Japan.

We found out that each day there are hundreds (sometimes even thousands!) of people in Lviv, Ukraine waiting for the transport to Poland. Not to any place in particular, just anywhere in Poland, somewhere safe. Rescue PL is a group of volunteers organizing buses free of charge for those escaping from the most war-damaged regions of Ukraine helping them get across the border.

“It’s hugely important to help as many people as possible every day, because nobody knows for how long they will be able to escape” – they say. We decided to donate them the funds we gathered in Japan.

Yesterday we got a message that a bus organized from our donations completed its mission. It first loaded on food and medical supplies donated in Poland and transported them to Lviv from where they will be further sent to hospitals in Bucha, Odessa and Mariopol.

On the way back to Poland the Rescue PL bus helped 71 refugees safely across the border.


There are still many people waiting for the buses every day.

If you want to help keep them going, please donate: https://zrzutka.pl/rescuepl

Thankful for Slow Jogging


Hello everyone!                                                             ‘

My name is Edyta Dawiskiba. I’m a Slow Jogging instructor and a local leader in my region of Mazowsze in Poland.  I’m also an instructor of a breathing method by Prof. Buteyko. I’m very enthusiastic about Slow Jogging promotion – it’s a wonderful activity for everyone’s wellbeing,  health, fit body shape and vitality. In my trainings I put together the power of movement with breathing in order to teach the most important aspects of Slow Jogging.

I have classes 5 days a week in Warsaw: for groups, individuals and for mums. Every person inspired by Slow Jogging gets into a positive flow full of endorphins, smile, good relations and just happiness coming from running. We are happy to spend time together and share positive energy. Once a year at the end of the season we organize a community event for Warsaw joggers to meet.

We jog in beautiful and green forests and parks of Warsaw, such as Las Bielański, Las Kabacki, Łazienki Królewskie, Park Moczydło, Park J. Sowińskiego, Park Picassa, or Forty Bema. Running in green spaces of a big city helps us relax, lower our stress levels and get some fresh air.

For the last 2 years I’ve been organizing a monthly charity event Slow Jogging of Thankfulness. The idea was born among Slow Jogging instructors, who felt the need to share their feelings of thankfulness and happiness for what Slow Jogging brought into their lives. Slow Jogging completely changed the lives of some of us! Through our jogs together we promote Slow Jogging as a meaningful activity for everyone. We jog thankful for the passing month and with our own intentions for the coming one. We also support a non-profit organization helping those in need this their wellness. I invite other Slow Jogging instructors to join Slow Jogging of Thankfulness and pass the baton in leading the event in order to reach more members of the Slow Jogging community.

In March we jogged with the intention for fighting Ukraine and supporting a donation of medical supplies for Voluntary Medical Batallion in Lviev.

Join us in the area of Mazowsze:


*If you are interesting in promoting Slow Jogging in your area take a look here https://slowjogginginternational.com/2021/06/08/slow-jogging-ambassadors-program/ and let us know!

**You can still join our THANK YOU SALE to learn more about Slow Jogging via our lectures online:

The basic Slow Jogging course: https://www.udemy.com/course/slowjogging/…

Running a Marathon: https://www.udemy.com/…/running-a-marathon-slow…/…

Family Slow Jogging


We just started our Slow Jogging classes for Elementary School children and their parents!

How many of you didn’t quite enjoy your PE lessons?
Are you wondering how to get your kids to enjoy sports?

How to inspire them to start and motivate to keep going?

Slow Jogging Japan just started long awaited Slow Jogging classes for Elementary School children and their parents!

Both children and their parents learnt the rules of Slow Jogging from Noriko-sensei and jogged a whole 2km – more than most of them thought they were able to!

They also received Slow Jogging diaries to keep them motivated.
We talked to them after the event and most of the participants (both children and their parents) were surprised how easy and intuitive Slow Jogging was. They all want to do Slow Jogging again!

Slow Jogging in Somerset UK


We love hearing about Slow Jogging fans from around the world! Look at these lovely ladies:

“We meet twice a week and we slow run for 30 minutes. We are women from 40’s to 60’s and we love meeting up, having fresh air and chatting as we run around our beautiful village in Somerset.” 

And where do YOU jog?

PS: It’s been a year since we started our online Slow Jogging lectures!
We’ve had almost 300 students from all around the world and we would love even more of you to join!
Now you can watch the lectures at an anniversary discount – check it out:

We also started a new set of lectures: Running a Marathon: Slow Jogging Approach and they are also available at a discount: https://www.udemy.com/course/running-a-marathon-slow-jogging-approach/?couponCode=AC43FC96E0C4D4388EA3