Thankful for Slow Jogging


Hello everyone!                                                             ‘

My name is Edyta Dawiskiba. I’m a Slow Jogging instructor and a local leader in my region of Mazowsze in Poland.  I’m also an instructor of a breathing method by Prof. Buteyko. I’m very enthusiastic about Slow Jogging promotion – it’s a wonderful activity for everyone’s wellbeing,  health, fit body shape and vitality. In my trainings I put together the power of movement with breathing in order to teach the most important aspects of Slow Jogging.

I have classes 5 days a week in Warsaw: for groups, individuals and for mums. Every person inspired by Slow Jogging gets into a positive flow full of endorphins, smile, good relations and just happiness coming from running. We are happy to spend time together and share positive energy. Once a year at the end of the season we organize a community event for Warsaw joggers to meet.

We jog in beautiful and green forests and parks of Warsaw, such as Las Bielański, Las Kabacki, Łazienki Królewskie, Park Moczydło, Park J. Sowińskiego, Park Picassa, or Forty Bema. Running in green spaces of a big city helps us relax, lower our stress levels and get some fresh air.

For the last 2 years I’ve been organizing a monthly charity event Slow Jogging of Thankfulness. The idea was born among Slow Jogging instructors, who felt the need to share their feelings of thankfulness and happiness for what Slow Jogging brought into their lives. Slow Jogging completely changed the lives of some of us! Through our jogs together we promote Slow Jogging as a meaningful activity for everyone. We jog thankful for the passing month and with our own intentions for the coming one. We also support a non-profit organization helping those in need this their wellness. I invite other Slow Jogging instructors to join Slow Jogging of Thankfulness and pass the baton in leading the event in order to reach more members of the Slow Jogging community.

In March we jogged with the intention for fighting Ukraine and supporting a donation of medical supplies for Voluntary Medical Batallion in Lviev.

Join us in the area of Mazowsze:

*If you are interesting in promoting Slow Jogging in your area take a look here and let us know!

**You can still join our THANK YOU SALE to learn more about Slow Jogging via our lectures online:

The basic Slow Jogging course:…

Running a Marathon:…/running-a-marathon-slow…/…

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