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6Hiroaki Tanaka, Ph.D. and Professor at Fukuoka University, Japan, is the founder and director of its Institute for Physical Activity. Born in 1947, he is a forever-young author of numerous books on slow jogging and healthy lifestyle. His surprisingly efficient training method, a result of many years of research, helped him complete a marathon in 2:38:50 at the age of 50. Known as Japan’s running guru, the legendary scientist has inspired runners all throughout his country, from elite long-distance runners to the elderly and those suffering from lifestyle diseases, to slow down and jog with a smile for a health body and mind.

Magdalena Konoike, research assistant at the Fukuoka University Institute for Physical Activity, certified slow jogging instructor and international promotion coordinator of Japan Slow Jogging Association. Originally from Poland, has lived in Japan for the last 10 years. Co-author of slow jogging books, author of this blog, slow-jogger and island-lover.  Magda has completed marathons and ultra-marathons all over the world – currently on a mission to slow-explore Japanese islands.