Slow Jogging Association for Ukraine


Today we would like to share with you something we are very happy to be part of.

One day in early March we were all talking about the war in Ukraine and the amazing support the Ukrainians are getting from Poland. Homes and institutions across the country have been actively gathering food, water and medical supplies, as well as temporary living spaces for Ukrainian families who are in desperate need of shelter.

As many of you know Japan Slow Jogging Association has strong relations with Poland. Poland is the first country outside of Japan when Slow Jogging was promoted on a big scale with Professor Tanaka himself visiting Poland multiple times. We also have our friends at Poland Slow Jogging Association.

As Japan Slow Jogging Association we felt like we wanted to do something to help. We organized fundraisers in Slow Jogging Clubs across Japan.

We found out that each day there are hundreds (sometimes even thousands!) of people in Lviv, Ukraine waiting for the transport to Poland. Not to any place in particular, just anywhere in Poland, somewhere safe. Rescue PL is a group of volunteers organizing buses free of charge for those escaping from the most war-damaged regions of Ukraine helping them get across the border.

“It’s hugely important to help as many people as possible every day, because nobody knows for how long they will be able to escape” – they say. We decided to donate them the funds we gathered in Japan.

Yesterday we got a message that a bus organized from our donations completed its mission. It first loaded on food and medical supplies donated in Poland and transported them to Lviv from where they will be further sent to hospitals in Bucha, Odessa and Mariopol.

On the way back to Poland the Rescue PL bus helped 71 refugees safely across the border.


There are still many people waiting for the buses every day.

If you want to help keep them going, please donate: