Slow Jogging Association for Ukraine


Today we would like to share with you something we are very happy to be part of.

One day in early March we were all talking about the war in Ukraine and the amazing support the Ukrainians are getting from Poland. Homes and institutions across the country have been actively gathering food, water and medical supplies, as well as temporary living spaces for Ukrainian families who are in desperate need of shelter.

As many of you know Japan Slow Jogging Association has strong relations with Poland. Poland is the first country outside of Japan when Slow Jogging was promoted on a big scale with Professor Tanaka himself visiting Poland multiple times. We also have our friends at Poland Slow Jogging Association.

As Japan Slow Jogging Association we felt like we wanted to do something to help. We organized fundraisers in Slow Jogging Clubs across Japan.

We found out that each day there are hundreds (sometimes even thousands!) of people in Lviv, Ukraine waiting for the transport to Poland. Not to any place in particular, just anywhere in Poland, somewhere safe. Rescue PL is a group of volunteers organizing buses free of charge for those escaping from the most war-damaged regions of Ukraine helping them get across the border.

“It’s hugely important to help as many people as possible every day, because nobody knows for how long they will be able to escape” – they say. We decided to donate them the funds we gathered in Japan.

Yesterday we got a message that a bus organized from our donations completed its mission. It first loaded on food and medical supplies donated in Poland and transported them to Lviv from where they will be further sent to hospitals in Bucha, Odessa and Mariopol.

On the way back to Poland the Rescue PL bus helped 71 refugees safely across the border.


There are still many people waiting for the buses every day.

If you want to help keep them going, please donate:

Slow Jogging in Olsztyn


Hello everyone!

We are a team from Poland – Slow Jogging in Olsztyn.

My name is Justyna Witkowska – I’m the founder of our team, a certified Slow Jogging Instructor and a local Slow Jogging leader in my area.

In Slow Jogging in Olsztyn we are all good friends. We practice Slow Jogging 3 times a week and not only work on our technique but just spend good time together. Everybody is important so a new-comer doesn’t feel he or she came for the first time. Everyone can feel our friendly atmosphere and kindness. There is more than 30 of us!

Our area is really beautiful. We are located near forests and lakes so we jog close to nature. 

Our team participated in the last year’s Slow Jogging International Day in great numbers. We feel great being part of this community!

We also completed our first half-marathon. We worked as a team, encouraged each other and did it!

In November last year we celebrated our first anniversary. We are all proud to be members of Slow Jogging in Olsztyn team. Our wish is to jog until the end the world and one day longer!

Our team is happy to participate in various races for charity and raised money for a paralyzed boy, Lukasz.

We also participated in a race of Santas raising money for a psychiatric ward at a local hospital. Actually our team won a prize for the biggest team – we were 45 Slow Jogging Santas!

Since January 2022 we started our own charity trainings once a week and we have helped a family who lost their house in a fire and a paralyzed runner to get rehabilitation. Since March we have been helping Ukrainians who came to Poland. And we are not going to stop here!

We would like to say hello to the whole international Slow Jogging community from our beautiful and magical city of Olsztyn. We encourage you to create your teams* in your countries and cities. Slow Jogging is a great way to do something good for yourself and for others.  Niko niko power forever!

You can visit and like us here: 🙂

*If you are interesting in promoting Slow Jogging in your area take a look here and let us know!

Jogging on a treadmill? Yes or no? And what are other options?


The treadmill doesn’t simulate your natural stride perfectly, but it’s close enough to provide an efficient training alternative.

If you are new to Slow Jogging and have trouble keeping a slow, steady pace, treadmills can actually be quite useful! Unless you can’t stand the idea of indoor running hamster-style, treadmills give you an opportunity to play with the pace and incline in a way that would be difficult when jogging outside.

Professor Tanaka usually recommended trying treadmill running with a small incline. It gives you a chance to practice more challenging settings as well as providing a great a lower-body workout.

Actually a small incline makes treadmill running more similar to outdoor running simulating additional effort accounting for the amount of wind resistance you would experience while running outdoors.

And how fast you should jog? Just as with outdoor running we recommend your individual niko niko pace! If you are beginner, you can start as slow as 3km/h or 2mph and see how it feels.

Basically, the choice is between running outside and on a treadmill up to you. Choose one or the other or do both, depending on your training plan on a given day, the weather, etc.

And what if the weather is bad and you don’t feel like jogging outside but you don’t have a treadmill or gym membership?

For those willing to experiment, we have another idea: try jogging across the room without stepping on a treadmill! Crazy as it may sound, it’s doable and even has some advantages over regular jogging.
Yoichi Hatamoto, PhD, of our fitness institute proved that turns, necessary for running back and forth, significantly increase energy expenditure and help shape up your body. Decreasing speed before a turn, turning the body and regaining the original speed mean that a shuttle jog at two-and-a-half miles per hour over a distance of ten feet and with twenty turns per minute is physiologically equivalent to running at three-to-four miles per hour in a straight line or on the treadmill.

“Slow Jogging & Turn” is great for lock-downs too 😉

The secret exercise Professor Tanaka used to do on airports and airplanes!

Other great option is Step Exercise:

You can use anything as your step: a seat, bench or even a box filled with old magazines. The exercise couldn’t be simpler. Start with your right leg and climb the step, follow with your left leg, and get down with your right leg first and then left. Make sure to straighten your knees when on the top of the step.

PS: We want to use this blog to answer your questions about Slow Jogging! Feel free to comment and let us what you’d like to know.

Announcing lectures online: “Slow Jogging: all you need to know to get started”


Dear Slow Jogging friends, we have a BIG, HAPPY ANNOUNCEMENT 😊
For a long time you have been asking to know more about SLOW JOGGING, to study it online, some of you want to become certified Slow Jogging instructors. Pandemic has made it even more clear that in addition to courses and workshops in person we offer in several countries, we need to provide a chance to learn online as well. With our quite limited resources we have been working hard for several months and now we are almost there, proud and excited.

The first series of lectures: “Slow Jogging: all you need to know to get started” is finally ready here:

It’s on-demand, so you can watch it anytime, wherever you live. It is the first time for us to create a lecture online, so surely there are some things we could have done better or faster. We are sorry for any inconvenience and hope you enjoy it and find it useful anyway ☺️